API - How To Use Our API

We provide an advanced API for your usage to all our clients, please follow the below instructions on how to use the API.

Note: To use the API you will first need to contact us either on Skype ID live:premium_204 or here for API access credentials. 

Running calls to the API

To process calls on the freesmsverifications.com API you will need to execute a HTTP GET request to the given URL with the required variables:

Base url: http://www.freesmsverifications.com/

Example method:

URL : /smsapi/GetNumbers?apiId={ID}&secret={SEC}

{ID} - provided api id

{SEC} - provided api secret 

Responses will always be in a JSON format

Example response:


Possible status codes: 

Success - the API call was executed successfully
Failure - the API call failed
InternalError - the API call caused an internal error and engineers have been notified

(not repeated InternalErrors will lead to your account being put on hold) 

Possible error codes:

Non - no error 
NotAuthorised - the API call was not authorised
UnknownApiCode - the API call used an incorrect API code or secret
NoNumberAvailable - the API call returned no numbers for the given request
NoNumberInRangeAvailable - the API call returned no numbers for the given range
NumberNotInAccount - the API block call was for a number not in your account
NoActiveNumberForService - the API call returned no numbers for the given service
NumberNotFound - the API block call was for an unknown number
NoNumbersAllocatedToAccount - the API call returned no allocated numbers for your account
MessageNotAvailable - the API call returned no messages for the given message ID
UnknownService - the API call returned no services for the given service name

API Call List

Get Numbers

Get Messages