API - How To Use Our API

We provide an advanced API for your usage to all our clients, please follow the below instructions on how to use the API.

Note: To use the API you will first need to contact us either on Discord or here for API access credentials. 

Running calls to the API

To process calls on the freesmsverifications.com API you will need to execute a HTTP GET request to the given URL with the required variables:

Base url: http://www.freesmsverifications.com/

Example method:

URL : /smsapi/GetNumbers?apiId={ID}&secret={SEC}

{ID} - provided api id

{SEC} - provided api secret 

Responses will always be in a JSON format

Example response:


Possible status codes: 

Success - the API call was executed successfully
Failure - the API call failed
InternalError - the API call caused an internal error and engineers have been notified

(not repeated InternalErrors will lead to your account being put on hold) 

Possible error codes:

Non - no error 
NotAuthorised - the API call was not authorised
UnknownApiCode - the API call used an incorrect API code or secret
NoNumberAvailable - the API call returned no numbers for the given request
NoNumberInRangeAvailable - the API call returned no numbers for the given range
NumberNotInAccount - the API block call was for a number not in your account
NoActiveNumberForService - the API call returned no numbers for the given service
NumberNotFound - the API block call was for an unknown number
NoNumbersAllocatedToAccount - the API call returned no allocated numbers for your account
MessageNotAvailable - the API call returned no messages for the given message ID
UnknownService - the API call returned no services for the given service name

API Call List

Get Numbers

Get Messages