Free SMS Receive

If you have landed on our website, it is probably due to the fact that you are weary of getting hundreds of SMS on your cell phone on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, regardless of what you are signing up for, almost everyone requires you to receive a confirmation code and type it into a field before your sign-up is complete. After this, you will probably notice that the owners of these websites continuously hammer you with messages.

However, unlike e-mail where such correspondence can simply be marked as spam, or where you have the option to unsubscribe, there is no way to block promotional messages that come via SMS, particularly those featuring short code numbers instead of actual cell phone numbers as the recipient.

In addition, you may be somewhere and not have your mobile phone with you, but want to sign up for a limited period, special offer. Although you may be unaware of this fact, you can sign up with such websites, but stop marketers from sending you spam or unwanted messages with our helpful SMS online service.

As if receiving unwanted messages is not a problem in and of itself, in many cases, you must also pay charges to your cell phone service provider for these types of messages. Although cellular companies in certain countries charge the sender for every SMS they send, the scenario in the United States and other countries is somewhat different.

This is because they follow something called the receiving party pays model. This means that the recipient of the message must pay the texting fee. You would probably be thrilled to discover that you could receive SMS online. Well, the good news is that you can receive such messages without being charged through our free SMS numbers.

Our website, which is called Free SMS is one of today's leading Internet companies that combines state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly interface in order to allow you to receive such messages for free. Our international coverage provides services in over 100, countries where we allow you to verify accounts of websites such as WeChat, WhatsApp, PayPal, Facebook, Baidu, LinkedIn, eBay, Microsoft, Pinterest, and Google.

We use cutting-edge technology to allow you to receive text and SMS verification online. The best part, is that our services are available without the need to sign up for anything. You can also access our websites on social media, by simply clicking the icon our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page, if you have accounts with any of those websites.

Regularly receiving international SMS can become very expensive in a short amount of time. However, it is possible to slash these costs considerably by signing up for our Free SMS Verification international plan for only $1.34, which gives United States residents a private dedicated number for one month. Our United Kingdom premier members pay a mere $0.50 per month, which is currently the most inexpensive price on the Internet.

Rather than revealing your personal cell phone number, use our free service to get your SMS verification or one-time password that is necessary to complete the sign up process.

Most online service providers and websites demand SMS verification before their services can be used. Therefore, you should definitely consider signing up and registering with our company, or paying a small fee to enjoy our premium SMS services. Do not hesitate to visit our website, as it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Enjoy SMS verification without revealing your personal number. You will quickly discover that you enjoy being able to escape the harassment of unnecessary messages or worse yet, paying for someone else's advertisement. Try out our service today by filling out the registration form, signing up for new account, and choosing a number available to you on our website.

When you click the "verify code" icon, you will instantly receive the SMS verification on our Free SMS Verification website. Confirm and activate your account with the number given and enjoy this helpful service.