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You have most likely found our website because you are tired of receiving hundreds of SMS on your mobile phone every day? However, there seems to be no way out as signing up on most online websites requires you to confirm a code sent via SMS to your registered mobile number in most cases. The owners of these sites keep on hammering you with messages on a regular basis. Unlike email, where you have the option of marking mails as spam, or using the opt out option allowing you to stop receiving promotional messages, there is no such option that you can use to block SMS, especially those that have a short code number instead of a mobile number as the recipient. Apart from this, there might be occasions when you want to sign up for a special, limited period offer, and do not have your mobile with you. You can sign up with the site as well as prevent marketers from spamming your mobile with unwarranted messages with the help of our SMS online services.

If receiving unwarranted messages is not enough, you also have to pay charges to your cellular service provider for each message you receive in some cases. While cellular companies in certain countries charge the sender for each SMS, the scenario is different in America and some other countries that follow the RPP (receiving party pays) model, wherein the receiving party has to assume the costs of routing the message. Would it not be awesome if you could receive free SMS? The good news is that you can enjoy receiving messages without paying money through our free SMS numbers. Our website Free SMS verification is one of the leading companies on the internet today that allow you to receive free SMS online with state of the art technology in place and a user friendly interface to match.

We have a massive global coverage offering services in more than 100 countries with our service, this company allows you to verify accounts of websites such as Google, Pinterest, Microsoft, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook, PayPal, Baidu, WhatsApp, WeChat, KaoKao Talk and many more through our free text and SMS verification website. The best part is that you can avail of our services without signing up. You can also give a social share on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ in order to avail our free SMS receive services, by clicking on the respective icon on our website and logging into your account associated with that social network it`s all very easy.

Receiving international SMS on a regular basis can burn a hole in your pocket. You can slash the cost of receiving international messages drastically by opting for the paid services of Free SMS Verification. Users of the United States USA numbers can pay just $1.34 per month for the Premium service which will allow you to have a private dedicated number for 30 days. Our Premium U.K. numbers start from just $0.50 per month which is the cheapest price on the Internet today!

Instead of revealing your own number, use our service to receive your free SMS verifications or OTP (One Time Password), required for signing up with many online service providers that require SMS verification online before you can use their services. Sign up and register with our company and pay a small subscription fee for Premium SMS services, the details of which are available on our website in the navigation. You can now receive and verify SMS without revealing your mobile number and escape the harassment of being inundated with unnecessary messages and paying for receiving them, try us today and join thousands of other users on our website.

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