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In all likelihood, you have found our site because you are sick of getting countless SMS on your smartphone each day. Nonetheless, there appears to be no solution, because registering on the majority of sites needs you to verify an SMS code sent to your phone number. The people who own these websites keep bombarding you with messages regularly. In contrast to email, where you can mark mail as spam or unsubscribe, there's no way of doing this with SMS. This is particularly the case with those that have short code numbers, rather than mobile numbers as recipients. Aside from this, there may be cases when you wish to register for a discount offer, but don't have your phone in your possession. You can register with the website, as well as stop advertisers from sending unwanted messages to your mobile, using our SMS Internet services.

Getting nuisance messages is annoying in itself, however you also end up paying charges for every message sent to you in certain cases. Although cell phone companies in some countries bill the sender for every SMS message, the situation differs in the US and various other countries that use the receiving party pays (RPP) model. Wouldn't it be great if you could receive SMS online for free? Thankfully, you can do this using our complimentary SMS numbers. Our free SMS verification website ranks among the leading online companies that enable you to get free online SMS messages, via cutting edge technology and an easy to use interface.

We have huge coverage worldwide providing services in over 100 countries, allowing you to verify the accounts of sites like Pinterest, Google, eBay, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Baidu, KaoKao Talk, PayPal, WeChat, WhatsApp and lots more through our complimentary SMS and text verification site. Even better, you can use our services without registering. Also, you can provide a share on Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook to use our complimentary SMS receiving service. Just click on the appropriate icon on our site, and log into your account linked to that social network. This is extremely easy to do.

Getting international SMS messages regularly can be expensive. You can cut the expense of getting these messages considerably, by opting for paid free SMS verification services. People with USA telephone numbers pay only $1.34 each month for a service that gives them a dedicated number for thirty days. For UK customers, prices start from only $0.50 each month, which represents the lowest price on the web today.

Rather than disclosing your phone number, take advantage of our service to get complimentary SMS verifications, or a one time password (OTP) to register with lots of Internet companies that need online SMS verification before you can utilize their services. Register with us and pay a modest subscription charge for the Premium SMS service. Further information about this is provided on our site in the navigation bar. Now, you can verify and receive SMS without disclosing your phone number, and avoid the annoyance of being bombarded with unwanted messages and being charged for them. Sign up today and join the thousands of other subscribers on our site.