SMS Numbers

Tired of receiving spam and unwanted SMS messages to your own mobile phone?

Dont really need a mobile phone contract to receive the occassional SMS?

Want to apply for an online account or service but dont want to use your personal phone number?


To solve all of these issues and many more Free SMS Verifications offers you a cost effect way of having an online mobile SMS number which can be checked from your computer, smart phone or email.

No contracts, you pay monthly

Swap numbers every month if needed

Have multiple numbers


To purchase your private and personal SMS number(s) Go Premium!

Free SMS Verifications also offer a limited amount of shared numbers totally free of charge.

International Numbers Prices

Country Country Code Currency Price Monthly
Argentina AR EUR 20.00 Yes Buy
Australia AU EUR 15.00 Yes Buy
Belgium BE EUR 2.00 Yes Buy
Brazil BR EUR 10.00 Yes Buy
Canada CA EUR 2.00 Yes Buy
Chile CL EUR 7.00 Yes Buy
Croatia HR EUR 7.00 Yes Buy
Czechia CZ EUR 7.00 Yes Buy
Denmark DK EUR 12.00 Yes Buy
Estonia EE EUR 6.00 Yes Buy
Finland FI EUR 8.00 Yes Buy
France FR EUR 2.00 Yes Buy
Germany DE EUR 30.00 Yes Buy
Guatemala GT EUR 28.00 Yes Buy
Honduras HN EUR 36.00 Yes Buy
Hong Kong HK EUR 20.00 Yes Buy
Hungary HU EUR 60.00 Yes Buy
India IN EUR 140.00 Yes Buy
Indonesia ID EUR 4.00 Yes Buy
Ireland IE EUR 10.00 Yes Buy
Israel IL EUR 24.00 Yes Buy
Italy IT EUR 200.00 Yes Buy
Latvia LV EUR 7.50 Yes Buy
Lithuania LT EUR 8.00 Yes Buy
Malaysia MY EUR 7.00 Yes Buy
Mexico MX EUR 20.00 Yes Buy
Netherlands NL EUR 7.00 Yes Buy
Norway NO EUR 14.00 Yes Buy
Philippines PH EUR 260.00 Yes Buy
Poland PL EUR 3.00 Yes Buy
Portugal PT EUR 24.00 Yes Buy
Puerto Rico PR EUR 4.00 Yes Buy
Romania RO EUR 12.00 Yes Buy
Russia RU EUR 600.00 Yes Buy
Singapore SG EUR 400.00 Yes Buy
Slovakia SK EUR 40.00 Yes Buy
Slovenia SI EUR 60.00 Yes Buy
South Africa ZA EUR 2.00 Yes Buy
South Korea KR EUR 4.00 Yes Buy
Spain ES EUR 7.50 Yes Buy
Sweden SE EUR 7.00 Yes Buy
Switzerland CH EUR 14.00 Yes Buy
Turkey TR EUR 34.00 Yes Buy
United States US EUR 2.00 Yes Buy